Q. What’s the difference between the live sessions and the pre-recorded version?

A. Both formats have proven extremely successful: I’ve heard from students that 97 percent of those who purchased my pre-recorded videos passed their exams, while 98 percent of those who purchased the live sessions were successful.

The live sessions are group online tutoring sessions, where you can ask—and I can answer—questions. These sessions are in-depth and usually last about 3.5 hours. You’ll pay one upfront fee for a one-time session that will prepare you for exactly what will appear on the AGNP, AANP or ANCC exams. We can’t answer all of the questions, but we sure try. Also, this session is not recorded and you do not get access afterwards. This is a live session only.

The pre-recorded videos, on the other hand, are an alternative approach to the traditional lecture that will provide you with an all-encompassing look at what to expect on your nurse practitioner exam. You won’t have direct access to me during these sessions, however, you’re purchasing a subscription, which means you can access the video as many times as you need—or want—for the duration of your membership. Didn’t quite grasp something the first time around? You can replay that section. Want videos to listen to on-the-go? This could be the perfect fit for you.

Please note: This membership level is subscription-based. You will be charged monthly until you cancel. It is your responsibility to cancel. Refunds will not be issued if you do not cancel your membership in time.

Q. Can I get a one-on-one tutoring session with Professor Walden?

A. Unfortunately, no. I only offer online group tutoring sessions at this time.

Q. What is the difference between AANP and ANCC?

A. While both are widely accepted and, most likely, employers will not seek one over another, there are a few differences that generally come down to personal preference.

AANP, or the American Association of Nurse Practitioners certification, is a more established certification that is clinical in nature. It requires 500 hours for recertification every five years. (This means, though, that even if you don’t work, you’ll need to volunteer and keep track of your hours to be able to renew your certification.)

ANCC, or the American Nurses Credentialing Center, is less clinical (about 80 percent of the test will be non-clinical. There will also be pictures and select all that apply). This tends to be preferred by those in management or teaching roles. There is no hourly requirement to become recertified.

Q. How can I stay up to date on when the next live session will be, or get other answers or support?

A. Join us on Facebook! You can follow the Facebook business page Walden Exam Solutions for the latest announcements (and even some exclusive tips from me). We also have a Facebook group with several thousand students, where we share study tips with each other.

Q. I just passed my exam! Now what do I do?

A. You need to apply for your state license. You also need to check with your state Board of Nursing, as some states require things like collaborators prior to applying! (Most states don’t—but you won’t know unless you check!)

Next, you’ll need to apply for your National Provider Identifier (NPI) number. Please, do not pay someone to do this! Applying is free, and you can get your NPI within seconds (or at least within the day). Note: Anything you put on that website is public information. I highly suggest a post office box or alternate address as well as a phone number.

Live Sessions

Q. Help! I have not received my login instructions via email. What do I do?

A. Please be patient! You will receive multiple emails from Walden Exam Solutions: your receipt, and “the ticket,” which includes instructions and login information. This is an automated email. The first email that you receive immediately will not have a link.

If you cannot find it, please check all your inboxes, not just your primary, including:




Still can’t find it? Search “Walden Exam Solutions” within your email. Email if you cannot find the email at this point!

You will receive multiple reminder emails (1 day and 1 hour prior to your live session). Please be on the lookout and keep these instructions available. You may need to search your spam to find it.

Q. I received the login instructions, but I’m not sure how to access the live session.

A. The email you received provides a URL and and other login details. You should access the link at least a few minutes prior to the time your live session is scheduled.

Please note: The live session will not become active until Professor Walden arrives, usually about 20 minutes prior to the event’s start time.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

A. Visit your student dashboard to cancel your subscription. It is your responsibility to cancel in an appropriate time frame. No refunds will be granted. This is a subscription based service and you will be charged monthly as stated on the purchase page. Email if you have any trouble!

Q. Where do the live review sessions take place?

A. This is an online review only. After you purchase the live session, you will receive an email with a link to the session 1 day prior and 1 hour before the session begins. Ticket sales end 1 hour prior to all sessions to ensure students receive the instructions in a timely manner. 

Please note: You will be in a virtual waiting room until Professor Walden starts the session.

Q. Can I switch the date of my live session?

A. All review session purchases should be considered final. Any changes are at the discretion of Walden Exam Solutions. We may be able to accommodate a limited number requests, but this is not always possible. No refunds are available. Email with all questions. 

Pre-Recorded Videos

Q. How do I view the pre-recorded video?

A. After you’ve made your purchase, view your student dashboard.

You can listen to the videos at your leisure, as many times as you want, throughout the duration of your membership. Your membership will auto-renew until you cancel. Be sure to check your account to discover when your membership renews.

Q. If I buy the pre-recorded videos, will I be charged after the first month?

Yes, the pre-recorded videos are monthly memberships. You can access the video as much as you want/need until you cancel your membership. This membership will be renewed monthly until you cancel. It is your responsibility to cancel in a timely manner and no refunds will be given.

Q. I didn’t cancel my monthly subscription. Can I be refunded?

A. This is a monthly subscription. It is your responsibility to cancel your membership once you are finished with your review. You will not be refunded. You will have access to the month you purchased for the whole 30 days though!