You’re placing your career success in my hands—and, as a professor, that’s something I don’t take lightly. Through my online tutoring and test-prep solutions, I will help you prepare for your certified nurse practitioner exams.

I understand there are many test-prep options out there. Some are expensive, some are not; some are long-winded, some are too short.

Walden Exam Solutions offers a focused, nearly three-hour pre-recorded video that will guide you through all body systems in a fast, informative and truly fun way. Plus, I offer online, live interactive tutoring sessions in small groups. And I’ve recently added study materials such as PowerPoints to my—and your—knowledge bank.

You can purchase just the live sessions (participants for this have a 98% pass rate!), or buy a membership to access the pre-recorded videos and study materials on demand. Or, better yet, register for both!

My approach—lauded by people from across the U.S. and Canada—is a condensed but powerful review of the must-know information for your AANP, AGNP or ANCC exams. I take a lighthearted, fun approach to my teaching. Anyone who’s had me in class here, at Clayton State University or a few other institutions can vouch for that.

But I’m serious about making sure you pass your exam. And I want to make sure you feel supported in your experience. Anyone taking the course has a direct line to me—either via email, through our video sessions or on our Facebook group. You also can reach out to alumni of my program who have gone on to successful careers, or students in the same phase as you.

Beyond helping you pass your exams, my biggest goal is to create an environment where you feel comfortable and supported. You can ask questions of anyone, and get answers.

We are nurses supporting nurses—and that’s why this entire process works.